Meet Kristen Lucas


Chief Hustler


Award-Winning Film Producer

Kristen’s passion for telling unforgettable stories about strong women is the foundation for her independent film company, Goldilocks Productions. From unnerving thrillers and shocking comedies to middle school dramas, Goldilocks has the luxury of designing specific outcomes for its heroines. Real life women? We don’t share that indulgence.


So for the rest of us, Kristen created Respect Her Hustle, a brand centered around honoring the strength that’s inside every woman who climbs her way out, over, under, around or straight through her challenges. As a single mom of a child with an absentee father, Kristen knows what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. She knows how easily dreams can be left behind. But she wasn’t leaving anything behind. And now, she’s here to tell her story – and the stories of women like her – who have overcome fear, obstacles, bullies, dysfunctional relationships, illnesses, financial hardships, and more to live life to the fullest; to the become the badasses they were born to be.

Your Audience Will Learn

  • What it means to “hone in on your hustle”

  • How to make space for success 

  • Why it’s crucial to own your sh*t

  • The importance of building the right tribe

  • Ways to survive the grind

Book Kristen To Speak 

Kristen’s energy and passion for helping women achieve more in their personal and professional lives is contagious. Through real stories from her life, and from the lives of the badass women in her tribe, Kristen inspires women to get up and go in the direction of their dreams.

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